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Alexandru Bobe

Prorector Universitatea Ovidius Constanța

TEDxConstanta - Vorbitor

Alexandru Bobe is Vice-Rector of Ovidius University of Constanta in charge of developing and implementing the strategies for digitalization and Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Ovidius University of Constanta. He is the former Dean and Head of Department of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science.

He founded in 2012 The Laboratory of the Business Project Fair which has had the role to develop and sustain/support the innovative-entrepreneurial culture in OUC, using an online platform, a space where the ideas and business proposals of the students meet the financial potential of the business community.

In 2013, he developed an on-line platform for emergency situations in the Constanta area which is now used by local authorities. 

During 2014-2016 Dr. Bobe initiated and implemented a new project meant to increase the employability of the graduates of Computer Science program. The Mate-Info.NET project (http://mate-info.univ-ovidius.ro/) was funded by the EU and with the contribution of a team of more than 20 academics, and it succeeded to change the syllabi of more than 20 courses,  and to bring in 30 entrepreneurs and more than 20 regional companies from Constanta to interact with OUC students and academics using Mate-Info.NET platform. 

Dr. Bobe has great ties with local IT&C firms and multinationals, particularly as the Municipality of Constanta has joined efforts with Ovidius University to stimulate the growth of the local IT industry, in a conjugated effort to transform Constanța into a smart city.

In December 2017, dr. Bobe applied and succeeded to create a Digital Innovation Hub, which is a unique one-stop-shop interdisciplinary Centre that generates and transfers knowledge to the regional companies and it is also a catalyst for smart specialisations that offers access to digital innovations, helping the ecosystem from Black Sea basin and beyond to become more competitive by using safe digital technologies.

Presently, dr. Bobe is also the manager of an EU-funded 2 year project for human resources, named “Pro-Info”, which has as the most important objective to provide a training program for teachers and students in cybersecurity (http://proinfo.univ-ovidius.ro/), but also to create a Cyber Lab.

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